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AgistNow – Making Australian Farmers more money.


Agistment can be a crucial but often overlooked aspect of any agricultural business. I think it is safe to say that all too often there are more animals than there is grass to feed them. With Australia’s varied climate there are often opportunities for livestock owners to agist on other peoples land, but making those connections is for many reasons a tiresome exercise.

Agistment can be an integral part of any farming business, especially with the varied weather patterns of the past decade and lets not forget the ups and downs of the market.  By making agistment a regular part of your enterprise you can add and remove animals without the market pressures and do what is best for your country all the while collecting your share.

Traditionally most agistment has been organised amongst local farmers or through an agent, limiting your businesses exposure to the wider livestock industry. Another common way to find agistment is to place an advertisement in the newspaper, problem is you don’t know who the people are who respond to your ad. This isn’t the best way to manage your available feed. promotes your agistment to the wider livestock industry while allowing you to see details about the person enquiring and select who you want to work with and who you don’t.

As with any product you sell, and agistment is a very saleable product, you need the best available price. Basic economics tells us that increasing demand for a product will essentially lead to increased revenue. So to start driving the demand for your agistment, create your free Landholder listing on

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