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AgistNow – Helping older farmers retire and young farmers make a start.


Modern day agriculture can be a tough place to make a start, is proud to be able to offer a service that will enable young people to find land to operate their livestock business. With the average age of a farmer in Australia at 51 and so few people working in agriculture the time soon comes as to what will happen when our current crop of farmers want to retire.

There are many options to consider, agistment is one of them. Agistment allows an older farmer to sell his livestock at an optimum time and price without having to replace them later. The farmer suddenly finds himself with much more time and some money in the bank and can focus on improving the pasture and maintaining the property all the while there is someone else caring for and maintaining the livestock infrastructure.

In times of high land prices and no guaranteed return the young farmer sometimes finds himself challenged to grow his enterprise. Often it is easier to take the job in town and wish for the farming life. Agistment has the potential to put more young people into agriculture by connecting them with landowners,  generally more seasoned operators, essentially providing them with a mentor and land to grow their business. At we believe this partnership will serve the Australian livestock industry well.

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